About Us

BT Wood Crafts is a family owned and operated business and is a proud manufacturer of millwork with focus on kitchen cabinets, counter tops, and custom interiors for making your home a beautiful home.  From the very start of the business in 2009, to our now 4,000 sq ft facility in Toronto, Canada, BT Wood Craft has been building quality products which have allowed the company to build trust, reputation, and leadership in this specialty.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to allow your dream to be realized and your pride to be expressed.  We achieve this by creatively offering solutions using our 10 plus years of experience and delivering in time and in budget.

Our Staffs

Jeyaratnam Sellathamby

President & Founder

Has led growth of the company for the last 10 years from a small garage in its humble beginnings to what is today a 4,000 square foot warehouse facility in Toronto.  He immigrated to Canada and started of what he is so passionate about – providing exceptional products and excellent prices.

Jeffery Bona

Master Craftsman

A skilled master craftsman at shaping, finessing, and assembling wooden products and he provides the final touches.   He will also visit your house to make sure that the your dream kitchen cabinets have been installed to his specs.  He has more than 20 years of experience.

Phil Labid

Graphics Specialist

He is BT Wood Craft's computer drafting Auto CAD expert.  He will ensure that the pieces of your design and dream seamlessly fit together so that you can step into your new kitchen knowing it will be delivered on time.